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        Mango puree pitting machine Beater equipment experimental record Mango puree processing equipment

        120 tons of pumpkin puree and pumpkin powder production line in Chengde, Hebei

        Apple puree process experiment record Shanghai Jiapai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

        NFC citrus beverage simulation process experiment Shanghai Jiapai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. process experiment record

        Real record of pumpkin processing line pre-processing test machine

        Hebei Chengde pumpkin pulp pumpkin powder equipment installation site

        On-the-spot shooting of instant corn processing production line

        Real photo of coconut diced post-processing equipment production site

        Pumpkin powder spray drying powder factory out of powder

        Mango processing production line site

        Scene of Mango processing production line in Uganda

        Wolfberry processing production line

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