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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Ketchup processing line
        Basic introduction

        Tomato sauce is a concentrated product in the form of tomato sauce. It is made from mature red tomatoes by crushing, beating, removing the skin and seeds, concentrating, canning and sterilization.  The finished product is a bright red sauce with the unique flavor of tomatoes.  It is widely used in western food, and it is mainly used in the preparation of sweet and sour "eggplant juice flavor" in Chinese cooking.  If eggplant juice fish flower, tomato rabbit ding, eggplant juice fillet.  

        Jiapai machinery has been deeply ploughing tomato sauce equipment research and development, design and production for decades, and has a professional tomato planting team to guide customers to grow tomatoes.  Additional mechanical tomato paste production line not only sold in the world of the multinational such as Ethiopia, yemen, Sri Lanka, Syria, dubai, Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, etc., at the same time send machinery have with xinjiang construction corps was founded NongBaShi group cooperation 141 Shanghai hui in xinjiang agricultural science and technology co., LTD., factory day processing 1500 tons of tomatoes original fruit,  Annual output of tomato paste up to 15000 tons.  

        The whole line:  

        Fruit lifting system, cleaning system, sorting system, crushing system, preheating enzyme removal system, beating system, enzyme hydrolysis system, filtration system, vacuum concentration system, sterilization system, aseptic bag filling system  

        Advantages of the whole line:  

        A. Scraper spray elevator adopts stainless steel bracket, food grade hard plastic or stainless steel scraper, anti-jam fruit smooth scraper water seepage structure;  Imported anticorrosive bearing, double-sided seal;  Equipped with stepless variable speed motor, variable frequency speed regulation, low operation cost  

        B. Crusher integration of Italian technology, multiple groups of cross blade structure, crushing size can be adjusted according to customer or specific project requirements, compared with the traditional structure effectively improve the juice rate of 2-3%, the production of onion sauce, carrot sauce, red pepper sauce, apple sauce and other fruit and vegetable sauce fruit and vegetable juice products  

        C. Belt juicer has high juice yield  

        D. evaporator single effect, two effect, three effect and multi-effect evaporator, will not appear when the raw material is small big horse car phenomenon, save energy;  In the vacuum state, continuous low temperature circulation heating, so that the material low temperature boiling evaporation of water, so as to maximize the protection of nutrients in the material and original taste;  Condensate secondary and multiple steam recovery system, so it can reduce the steam consumption;  

        E. Sterilizing machine to send machinery patent production of new tube sterilizing machine, make full use of the material's own heat exchange to achieve the purpose of energy saving, about 40% energy saving  

        F. Filling machine adopts Italian technology, divided into single head and double head, continuous filling, reduce backflow;  Steam injection sterilization to ensure aseptic filling, filling products at room temperature for more than two years;  In the process of filling, the rotary plate is used to lift the way, to avoid the phenomenon of secondary pollution of products.  

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