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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Coconut processing production line
        Basic introduction

        Both coconut water and meat are rich in nutrients.  Coconut water as clear as water sweet as honey, drink sweet and delicious;  Coconut meat is fragrant, smooth and crisp, soft and creamy, which can be eaten directly, and can also be made into various kinds of coconut milk for dishes, preserves, or made into coconut silk and coconut paste.  Coconut shells can be used to make crafts.  


        1. Supplementary nutrition: coconut contains sugar, fat, protein, VITAMIN B, vitamin C and trace elements potassium, magnesium, etc., can effectively supplement the human body's nutrients, improve the body's resistance to disease;  


        2. Diuretic and detumorant: Coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium and other minerals. Its composition is similar to that of intracellular fluid, which can correct dehydration and electrolyte disorder and achieve the effect of diuretic and detumorant.  


        3. Insect killing and chancroid: coconut meat and coconut juice have the function of killing intestinal parasites, drinking its juice or eating its meat can drive away ginger and tapeworm, used in clinical, not only reliable curative effect, and non-toxic side effects, is the ideal food for insect killing and chancroid;  


        4. Beauty: Coconut water contains sugar, fat, protein, growth hormone, vitamins and a large number of essential trace elements for the human body. If you drink it regularly, it can enhance human strength, replenish intracellular fluid, expand blood volume, moisturize the skin, and has the function of beauty.  

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