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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Citrus lemon processing production line
        Basic introduction

        Through technical cooperation with Italian company, Shanghai Jiapai Machinery technology co., LTD., designed by food processing experts and operated by domestic well-known food engineers, has the equipment engineering experience of mature domestic orange juice deep processing whole plant turnkey project.  Orange juice production line includes raw fruit pre-treatment, grading machine, whole fruit juicer, series juice refining machine, orange juice concentration equipment, pasteurization, UHT tube sterilization filling and essential oil extraction and other technological processes.  While obtaining high quality concentrated orange juice (or NFC/ original juice), the essential oil is produced as a high value-added by-product.  Especially for NFC fresh juice processing equipment and technology, Shanghai Jiao Machinery technology has integrated a complete set of solutions.  

        The system characteristics  

        1. The whole production line can also handle the same characteristics of fruit, such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, kumquat, etc.  

        2. The juice yield rate of star product juicer is as high as 45%;  

        3. Customers can decide by themselves whether they need the oil separation system or not;  

        4. The finished products ensure the original nutrition and flavor;  

        5. Advanced enzymolysis clarifying separation system ensures product quality and output;  

        6. According to customer's requirements, some single machines can be imported or made in China;  

        7. The whole process adopts man-machine interface control, the production process is intuitive and easy to control and operate, high degree of automation, and reduce labor costs;  

        8. Electrical components, control panel and flow meter are all international first-line brands to ensure quality and after-sale guarantee;  

        9. The whole production line also includes CIP automatic cleaning system;  

        10. European and American popular butterfly valve aseptic bag packaging, stored at room temperature for a year, open the bag can still be saved for a week;  

        11. Rich production experience, can arrange a team to lead the production, to ensure that the production is worry-free.  

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