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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Banana juice processing line
        Basic introduction

        Clarify banana juice production process  

        Banana pretreatment → grinding → instant sterilization → cooling → enzymatic hydrolysis → passivation enzyme → centrifugal filtration → banana juice  

        Operation Instructions  

        Banana pretreatment: more than ninety percent half maturity of banana as raw material, first of all to ripening process, which put a banana in the closed room, the method of smoke or chemical method after cooked, then remove the next subsequent cooked at room temperature, * * * skin into a yellow-green, daily sampling attempts, * * * astringency disappeared the same day or the next day started processing.  Before processing, peel the flesh manually and remove the muscles around the flesh with bamboo clip or stainless steel knife. After peeling, put the flesh into a pre-prepared 1% citric acid solution to prevent oxidation and blackening.  

        Pulp: Grind the banana meat with a beater and push the puree through a stainless steel sieve while adding 30% water pulp.  

        Instantaneous heating sterilization: banana flesh contains oxidase, easy to contact with the air and gradually become dark brown, so it must be heated to passivate oxidase, in order to maintain the original color of banana, heating temperature above 85℃ is appropriate.  

        Cooling: Cool to 45℃, add citric acid, adjust pH to 3.5.  

        Enzymatic hydrolysis: after measuring the banana pulp, add 0.02% pectinase and enzymatic hydrolysis at 45℃ for 4-5 hours.  

        Passivating enzyme: After enzymatic hydrolysis, the banana was heated to 85℃ to inactivate pectinase.  

        Centrifugal filtration: fruit pulp is filtered through a sieve of 100 mesh to obtain transparent banana juice.  


        Clarify the technical characteristics of banana juice production  

        1. The equipment can be achieved at the same time: multi-effect concentrated extraction, high temperature instant sterilization machine, large bag aseptic filling and sealing machine steps are the same as the actual production effect.  

        2. The whole set of equipment can be used in a complete set, also can be single-machine operation, easy to get the experimental results.  

        3. This line can completely simulate the industrial production state and can be continuously produced.  

        4. Material handling capacity 3L~100L (can be customized production)  

        5. Accurate experimental data and conclusions, good repeatability, can be directly scaled up to industrial production.  

        6. Can be diversified, repeatable small batch experiment, the material is small, the minimum amount of 3L.  

        7. Experimental production can be carried out with running water and electricity without external facilities.  

        8. The machine has compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation. The whole line covers an area of about 2.5 square meters.  

        9. Manual control, PLC automatic control of several control methods to apply to different customer needs.  

        10. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel  

        11. Sterilization time: 3S,5S,15S,30S or customized according to customer requirements  

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