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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Apple pear processing production line
        Basic introduction

        Shanghai clique mechanical technology apple processing whole plant equipment is fresh after washing, crushing, digestion, juicing, ultrafiltration, enrichment, sterilization process, the entire automatic fully automated production process, including automatic control and fault protection, automatic cleaning, and other functions, from raw material to the finished product integration process, the whole line turnkey project introduction of European and American advanced technology,  Combined with the characteristics of investment in Mainland China, the apple processing line has formed an excellent processing scheme.  According to the investment status and production reality of the enterprise, the engineer will design the customer's project case and customize the turnkey project to the customer.  

        The system characteristics  

        The whole production line can also deal with the same characteristics of fruit, such as pear, bonus, etc.  

        Using belt juicer to improve juicing efficiency and juice yield;  

        The customer can decide the processing capacity according to the needs from 60 tons/day to 1500 tons/day;  

        The material contact part of the system is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene level.  

        Low temperature vacuum concentration, ensure flavor substances and nutrients, and greatly save energy;  

        Advanced enzymolysis clarifying separation system ensures product quality and yield.  

        According to customer's requirements, part of the machine can choose to import or domestic;  

        The whole process adopts man-machine interface control, the production process is intuitive and easy to control and operate, high degree of automation, reduce labor costs;  

        Electrical components, control panel, flow meter with international first-line brands, to ensure quality, after-sales protection;  

        The whole production line also includes CIP automatic cleaning system;  

        Tube sterilization and aseptic filling to ensure the aseptic state of products;  

        Rich production experience, professional team can be arranged to lead the production, to ensure that the production of worry-free.  

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