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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Jujube wolfberry powder processing line
        Basic introduction

        China is the country of origin of jujube and the largest producer of jujube planting area in the world.  Red jujube nutritional value is rich, have hairdressing to raise colour, the function of tonifying qi and blood, and high medicinal value, people income level rise and improve the health care consciousness stimulates the consumption of red jujube, and low value-added products, consumption and primary processing profit level is not high, has the potential market of red jujube processing products, market prospects.  Send machinery deep ploughing fruit and vegetable processing, deep processing of red dates has rich experience.  

        The production line can produce jujube paste, jujube juice, jujube enzyme, jujube juice, jujube juice concentrate, jujube powder and jujube wine and other products.  At the same time, our company can assist customers to carry out deep processing of jujube extract, extended application in the field of medical science and biotechnology, production of "food and medicine homology" products.  

        Jujube sauce after sterilization can be stored at room temperature for two years, can be used for processing jujube drink, jujube milk, jujube paste, jujube tea, jujube cake and other products, widely used, good market prospects.  

        This production line is suitable for the processing of jujube (date palm, red jujube) and hawthorn fruits, and can produce dried fruit, dried fruit, fruit powder, fruit juice and concentrated fruit juice and other products.  The production line is mainly composed of bubble cleaning machine, elevator, fruit checking machine, grading machine, drain drying machine, dryer, core removing machine, crusher, extraction tank, separator, sterilizer and filling machine and other equipment.  This production line design concept advanced, high degree of automation;  The main equipment is made of high quality stainless steel material, which fully meets the health requirements of food processing.  

        Characteristics of production line  

        1. The handling capacity ranges from 3 tons/day to 500 tons/day.  

        2, can handle similar characteristics of fruit, such as dates, red dates, hawthorn, etc..  

        3. After cleaning, drying and grading, it can be processed into plastic bags of dried fruit, and can be processed into independent bags of dry powder after crushing and screening.  

        4. Juice and concentrated juice can be made by extraction, nucleation beating, enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, concentration and sterilization.  

        5, the whole production process is controlled by PLC, the electrical components are all imported products, saving labor and greatly reducing the technical difficulty of operation.  

        6, low temperature vacuum concentration, ensure flavor substances and nutrients, and greatly save energy.  

        7, tube sterilization and aseptic filling, to ensure the aseptic state of products.  

        8, with automatic cleaning system.  

        9. The contact part of the system material is made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety.  

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