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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Roxburgh rose processing line
        Basic introduction

        The process flow  
        Selection of raw materials → cutting, core digging → peeling, rinsing → precooking → dressing, canning → exhaust, canning → sterilization, cooling → finished product.  
        Operating points  
        Raw material selection: choose high quality yellow peach with maturity of 8.5 percent, fresh and full, free from diseases, insect pests and mechanical injuries and over 5cm in diameter.  
        Cut and core the yellow peach slices into two halves lengthwise along the joint, and do not cause large or small pieces by skewness. After half cut, soak the yellow peach slices in 2% salt water to protect the color.  Cut half yellow peach pieces with a core digger to dig the peach stone, smooth and oval, but the fruit can not be dug too much or broken, can leave a little red flesh.  After digging the core, it should be soaked in alkali in time, or soaked in 2% salt water to protect color.  
        Our company specializes in manufacturing roxburgh rose concentrated juice equipment, roxburgh rose raw juice processing equipment, roxburgh rose juice beverage processing equipment, roxburgh rose whole line processing equipment, roxburgh rose juice processing production line, roxburgh rose preserved fruit processing equipment.  
        Roxburgh rose juice and its series of products are finally obtained through fruit cleaning, crushing, juicing, separation, enzyme elimination, blending, clarification, degassing, sterilization and filling.  
        Thorn pear juice processing production line of a complete set of all parts contacting with materials are of 304 stainless steel material, the whole production line since broken fruit, material handling in a closed environment, through the preheating, broken, digestion, separation, enrichment, sterilization, filling and aseptic environment, great limit to keep the original flavor and nutrition of raw materials.  
        The operation control part of roxburgh rose juice processing line adopts automatic control system, automatic fault alarm system, safety guarantee mechanism, guarantee equipment and personnel.  All electronic control system parts are from international famous brands, such as Siemens, Omron and so on.  
        Thorn pear juice processing production line control various types of steam valve adopts steam control system in today's famous brand sent her, control precision, high reliability, thorn pear juice using advanced biological enzymolysis and biological flocculation precipitation technology, can greatly get thorn pear juice, and ensure the effective nutrients loss in thorn pear juice, juice can be degraded along with preserved,  It's a true "whole nutritional" juice.  

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