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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Coconut powder processing line
        Basic introduction

        Coconut powder is a powder made of fresh coconut milk extracted from fresh coconut meat and then sprayed dry.  Coconut powder is rich in various fatty acids, 18 kinds of amino acids, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, vitamin C and other nutrients needed by the human body.  

        Coconuts are high in nutritional value.  According to Chinese traditional medicine, coconut meat tastes sweet, has the effect of tonifying spleen and stomach, killing insects and chancroid;  Coconut juice is sweet, warm, and has the function of generating fluid and benefiting water.  

        Coconut milk powder: Powder made from fresh coconut milk with other auxiliary materials by concentration and spray drying process.  Fat content is high, generally 55-65%.  

        Vegetable fat: solid fat, also known as a substitute for dairy products.  Made from hydrogenated vegetable oil and starch syrup by spray drying.  Slip port can be added.  As we often drink coffee or milk tea in the companion, etc.  (It includes: glucose, hydrogenated vegetable oil, milk protein, emulsifier, stabilizer, anti-caking agent, etc.)  

        Coconut milk: it is a white creamy, uniform and stable green product made from fragrant, smooth and crisp coconut meat. It adopts UHT instant sterilization and aseptic packaging.  

        Coconut powder: coconut milk powder and vegetable fat powder, with or without added sugar, nutritional fortifier, other accessories made of powder.  

        The difference between the two explanation: one is raw material, the other is finished product.  

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