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        Whole line equipment

        Rice Noodle Processing Line

        Fruit peel, fruit cake processing production line
        Basic introduction

        1. Raw material selection: choose sugar content, acid content and fruit with more pectin material as raw material, such as apple, peach, apricot, hawthorn, but with fresh hawthorn is ideal, some residual fruit and fruit processing plant production canned, preserved fruit scraps can also be used, but must comply with food hygiene standards.  


        2 raw material processing: hawthorn impurities, disease, worm rotten fruit removed, washed clean, to the core.  


        3. Softening pulping: put the processed fruit in the double pot, add about 80% fruit weight or equivalent weight of water, cook for 20~30 minutes, after the fruit softened, take out and pour into the screen diameter of 0.5~ 1.0mm beater beating, remove the skin residue.  If not beater, available wood will be fruit, beating plate or wood pole in fine screen, remove skin residue, again add fruit pulp into the double pan, add berry weight 10 ~ 30% of white granulated sugar and a small amount of citric acid (according to the fruit acid content in high and low, usually is 0.3 ~ 0.5%, the weight of the fruit pulp and heat the mixture gently enrichment, pay attention to stir, prevent anxious burnt,  Concentrate to thick paste, soluble solid content reached about 20% out of the pot.  


        4. Scraper drying: pour the concentrated fruit pulp onto the toughened glass plate and scrape it into thin slices 0.3~0.5 cm thick.  Scraper strive to flat, smooth, even to improve the quality of products.  After scraping, the toughened glass is sent into the drying room, the temperature is 60~65℃, pay attention to ventilation and moisture drainage, so that the everywhere is heated evenly, bake until the hand does not stick, with a ductile skin out.  


        5. Uncover and finish: uncover the dried pericarp while it is hot, then put it on a baking tray to dry the surface moisture, cut it into pieces with a knife and roll it up, then sprinkle a layer of sugar on the finished product.  


        6. Packaging for sale: Use cellophane or food bag packaging.  


        In order to enhance flavor, in the production of hawthorn fruit skin, can be mixed with other fruits, such as apple, jujube, persimmon, peach and so on.  

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