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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        The scraper conveyor elevator produced by our company adopts 304 stainless steel plate for transmission. The mesh plate can choose whether to punch or punch size according to the materials and needs of customers.  This machine is durable.  It is used for lifting and transporting raw materials. The main power variable speed is continuously variable, suitable for different working conditions. The main and slave moving belt bearing can be added with spray washing device.  The material is divided into small squares through the scraper of the machine, and the material is conveyed to the material machine intermittently, which solves the accumulation and blockage phenomenon caused by belt conveying to the material receiving machine.  Assembly line with combined assembly mode, the number of stations can be set according to the process requirements.  The station is equipped with power socket, toolbox, material box, etc., so that the whole process to achieve fast and orderly.  
        working principle
        Diaphragm elevator uses a motor to drive the mesh belt plate, the diaphragm moves, the passage of materials to achieve the purpose of conveying and lifting, can also be used for equipment connection, etc.  The role of the elevator is to control the feeding and the number of quick freezing, according to the product can make PVC material and stainless steel mesh bag two.  
        technical specification

        Scraper conveyor elevator  

        Device model JPLM-100  

        Main material food grade stainless steel plate SUS304(or according to customer requirements)  

        Processing capacity 0.5 t/h to 30 t/h (or customized according to customer requirements)  

        Dimensions 1250*500*700 to 6500*1600*900(unit: mm)  

        The equipment is suitable for lifting and conveying fruit and vegetable raw materials  

        Suitable for apple, strawberry, mango, pineapple, peach, apricot, tomato, etc 

        Filter hole seepage structure, convenient water seepage, so that the equipment more stable operation.
        Food grade stainless steel scraper, in line with food hygiene standards, with long service life, low failure rate, anti jam fruit, low noise bottom characteristics.
        The frame adopts the whole welding structure, the whole rigidity is good, the appearance is beautiful.
        The lifting part adopts anti-jam smooth scraper seepage structure design, adopts imported anti-corrosion bearing, double-sided seal, low failure rate. The whole lifting system can be adjusted by frequency conversion.
        Finished product display
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        Chief engineer:13916945636 ? (Zhao Gong)
        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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