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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        This machine is suitable for apple, Sydney, kiwi, orange and other fruit peeling, core and valve operation.  Insert the fruit into the rotating pole by hand, the machine automatically peel the fruit, remove the core, and divide it into 4 pieces.  The machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, stable performance, safe and reliable, good peeling effect.  Suitable for food processing plants, canteen units, catering industry.  
        working principle
        Combined storage hopper and conveyor belt directly, according to different template selected fruit diameter, put the fruit into the storage hopper, only four people to the template so as to achieve the hole into the material, the effect of transmission, good location into the hole after fruit continue to push forward with the delivery of fruit in the process of delivery to promote the use of machine tool technology for drilling cores,  The core falls into the dustpan and automatically flows out to collect together. The fruit that has washed through the core continues to be transported to the next link for automatic drop of fruit, so that the shape of the fruit discharged is completely unchanged. The fruit falls into the dustpan and automatically flows out and collects together, so as to achieve the separation of fruit and core, and the fruit is cut into two to six.  
        technical specification

        Product Name Fruit peeling, rinsing and splitting machine  

        Device model JPLM-100  

        Main material food grade SUS304 high quality stainless steel (or according to customer requirements)  

        Processing capacity 0.2t/h to 1t/h (or customized according to customer requirements)  

        Dimensions 1250*500*700 to 6500*1600*900 (mm)  

        The equipment is suitable for peeling and coiling fruits with core  

        Applicable to apple, Sydney, kiwi, orange and other fruits  

        Nucleating machine needle device from the original ordinary nucleating principle on the basis of the increase of centralizing device, effectively in the process of nucleating every plum, date, cherry, olive can be located in the center of plum, date, cherry, olive to achieve accurate and efficient nucleating. Thus ensuring the integrity of the shape of plum, date, cherry, olive will not be destroyed.
        Voltage and power to accept custom, CE export certification, exported to Europe and the United States
        The whole machine includes peeling knife group, core knife group, cutting knife group, peeling, core, cutting flap instantaneous completion
        Safety door cover design, transparent protective cover closed, the machine immediately stop operation
        Standard type can handle 3 fruits at a time and yield up to 600 fruits per hour (8-10 fruits per minute); Other production can be customized
        Finished product display
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        Chief engineer:13916945636 ? (Zhao Gong)
        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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