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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        In order to improve the effect of vapor-liquid separation, and both in addition to foam, prevent entrainment, using a three-stage separation, capture mode: one is the vapor-liquid tangent into the evaporation tank using centrifugal force and tank settlement;  Two is the top of the evaporator with efficient air filter filter layer;  The third is the addition of impact type trap, so as to prevent the loss of material liquid entrainment by secondary steam, even for the material liquid easy to produce foam (such as soap-containing Chinese medicine liquid) can also achieve satisfactory separation effect.  
        working principle

        WZ type external circulation vacuum evaporation device is mainly composed of tubular heater, evaporation tank, circulation pipe and other auxiliary equipment.  

        After the material liquid is heated to the boiling point in the heater tube, part of the water vaporizes, so that the heat energy is converted into kinetic energy of upward movement;  At the same time due to the heating pipe vapor liquid mixture and circulating pipe not boiling between the material produced between the heavy difference, in the expansion kinetic energy and the heavy difference induced by the natural circulation of the material liquid (the material liquid in the heating pipe circulation speed is less than 1m/s), the more heat the material liquid, the better the boiling, the circulation speed will be larger.  Due to evaporation under the action of vacuum, the evaporation temperature of the material liquid can be controlled below 50℃ to some extent.  The secondary steam from the evaporation is captured by the screen defromer and liquid trap, and is condensed by the water jet pump.  After centrifugal rotation, the material liquid in the evaporation tank returns to the lower part of the heater along the outer circulation pipe for recircular heating and evaporation, so the circulation heating and evaporation (about 15-20 minutes), when the required concentration is reached, the continuous discharge begins, and the continuous feeding at the same time, thus forming a continuous vacuum concentration operation.  

        technical specification

        Forced external circulation vacuum evaporator  

        Device model JPVE-001  

        Main material: 304 stainless steel (or customized according to customer requirements)  

        Processing capacity 4 tons/hour to 10 tons/hour (or customized according to customer requirements)  

        Dimensions: 11000×7000×8300 to 13000×9000×9000 (mm)  

        The equipment is suitable for vacuum low temperature evaporation concentration process of liquid materials  

        Scope of application: health drinks, food, Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, biochemical pharmaceutical, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, fine chemicals, light industry, etc 

        The equipment can realize automatic production, intelligent system management, and in line with GMP standards
        Large evaporation ratio makes viscous liquid materials easy to flow and evaporate. Not easy to scale, short concentration time, concentration ratio up to 1:5
        The evaporation temperature is low, part of the secondary steam can be re-inhaled into the first stage heater through the jet heat pump, the heat is fully utilized, the evaporation temperature is relatively low
        Low steam consumption, 1kg steam can evaporate 3.2kg water
        It consists of single/double/triple effect separator, single/double/triple effect evaporator, preheater, condenser and hot pressure pump
        Finished product display
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        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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