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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description

        CIP cleaning equipment  

        Automatic CIP cleaning system refers to the equipment (tank, pipe, pump, valve, etc.) and the whole production line in the premise of no manual disassembly, in the closed loop for cyclic cleaning.  The system adopts Siemens PLC automatic control, with color touch screen operation display the whole production process and the control parameters, plate heat exchanger online heating, acid and alkali concentration detection, high and low level, control valve adopt high-quality products, realize the full automation of operation and control.  

        The main equipment of the system includes:  

        CIP cleaning liquid storage tank (acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, clean water tank);  

        Two concentrated acid/alkali single layer storage tanks;  

        CIP process pump and CIP return pump;  

        Two concentrated acid/lye diaphragm pumps;  

        Heat exchanger (plate/tube);  

        An electrical control box;  

        A group of control pipe valve;  

        A set of self-executing components and electrical materials;  

        CIP cleaning liquid storage tank: 1000L-10000L;  

        According to customer needs, the system can be made into double loop, three loop, four loop, etc., and multiple cleaning loops can be carried out at the same time;  

        Heating mode can be: plate type, calculation type, tube type.  

        working principle
        Automatic control of cleaning liquid flow, automatic control of cleaning liquid temperature, automatic compensation of liquid level in the tank, automatic compensation of acid and alkali concentration in the tank, automatic operation of acid, alkali and hot water, system alarm device.  
        technical specification

        Split automatic CIP cleaning system  

        Equipment model JP-AQX series  

        Main material food grade SUS304 high quality stainless steel (or according to customer requirements)  

        The processing capacity is customized according to the scale of customer production line  

        Dimensions and specifications are customized according to customer requirements  

        The equipment is used to clean the closed loop of the production line without workers disassembling the equipment  

        Applicable to all fruit, vegetable, dairy and other production lines  

        Equipped with system fault alarm device
        The cleaning temperature can be set, the ph in the tank can be set, the cleaning time can be set, the cleaning sequence can be set, the reflux ph can be set
        The equipment adopts PLC programming control, with color touch screen operation display the entire production process and the control parameters
        Finished product display
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