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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        The equipment is designed on the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign prototype.  It has the advantages of automatic sterilization temperature control and stepless sterilization time adjustment. It can be widely used in the sterilization and cooling of acidic dairy products, juice drinks, electrolyte drinks, wine and condiments packaged in various bottles, cans, PET bottles, paper boxes, roof bags and so on.  The equipment can be carried out according to the sterilization conditions and production requirements of users.  
        working principle
        This equipment adopts circulating warm water preheating, circulating hot water sterilization, circulating warm water pre-cooling, cooling water spray cooling, four stages of treatment.  
        technical specification
        产品型号 JP-PLS-1000 JP-PLS-2000 JP-PLS-3000 JP-PLS-5000
        最高杀菌温度 100℃ 100℃ 100℃ 100℃
        杀菌输送带宽度mm 1500 1500 1500 1500
        输送带线速度mm/min 110-553 110-553 110-553 110-553
        加热蒸汽压力Mpa 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
        杀菌段长度mm 9000 16000 22000 32000
        预冷段长度mm 1200 1600 1800 2200
        冷却段长度mm 3000 5000 8000 10000
        加热循环水量m3 21 25 35 50
        功率KW 9.6 10.6 13.6 16.5
        外形尺寸mm 9880*2250*1735 17880*2250*1735 23800*2250*1735 34880*2250*1735
        Can store more than 500 sterilization formula
        Strong adaptability, according to different food processing technology using multi-stage processing, the whole process can be divided into up to 20 steps to complete.
        The product temperature probe can be prepared to realize the automatic detection and calculation of F value.
        Heat distribution is uniform and meets FDA requirements.
        High degree of automation, high control precision.
        Sterilization method can be transformed according to different packaging.
        Finished product display
        Contact Us
        If you need, please contact us immediately
        Website:http://www.onirodinamica.com  |   Email:info@sinojump.com  |   Chief engineer:13916945636 ? (Zhao Gong)  |   Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
        Chief engineer:13916945636 ? (Zhao Gong)
        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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