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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description

        Using spline connection between the screw axis, and to ensure that the spline shaft interchangeability, easy maintenance, intermediate bearing bearing a PM materials, has the extremely high self lubrication and wear resistance, the intermediate shaft and shaft sleeve is made of super wear resistant material, long service life, is used by another kind of powder metallurgy die casting oil bearing, which used in the occasions of high temperature.  

        Shell type: "O" or "U";  

        Spiral form: shaftless, single or multi-axis;  

        working principle
        Screw conveyor is the use of motor driven spiral rotation, the passage of materials to achieve the purpose of conveying machinery, has a simple structure, small cross-sectional area, easy to close the delivery, can be multi-point feeding or unloading advantages.  
        technical specification

        Fruit and vegetable screw conveyor  

        Equipment model JP-LX series  

        Main material food grade SUS304 high quality stainless steel (or according to customer requirements)  

        Processing capacity 0.1t/h to 10t/h (or customized according to customer requirements)  

        Dimensions and specifications are customized according to customer requirements  

        The equipment is suitable for conveying fruit and vegetable residue  

        Applicable to all fruit and vegetable residues, customizable  

        Simple structure, low cost, small size, safe and convenient operation, can be sealed in the process of use. It is an ideal conveying equipment.
        Good sealing, the shell is made of seamless steel tube, the end is connected with flange into one, good rigidity.
        The machine has small volume and high speed to ensure fast and uniform delivery.
        Strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, long life.
        Large bearing capacity, safe and reliable.
        Finished product display
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        Chief engineer:13916945636 ? (Zhao Gong)
        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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