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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        Hot air circulation oven is a tray type intermittent drying equipment, is a universal drying equipment, with low noise, reliable operation, temperature control, easy to operate and so on.  Widely used in pharmaceutical, Chinese medicine, vegetables, food, powder, granular, block material drying.  It make use of a special big axial flow fan cycle to work independently, through the built-in electric heating tube, with high power thyristor controller, PID intelligent temperature controller display, relay and other advanced control device to achieve high precision temperature control, realize the appointment function, automatic constant temperature, automatic alarm, automatic platoon is wet and overtemperature ladder control temperature control, and other functions of optional, make more human, automation control.  
        working principle
        Hot air drying oven with air as the carrier, make heat with steam or electricity or hot blast stove, from outside the box into the air after switch heating temperature, the fan forced circulation layered advection material for heat exchange after baking tray and bake dish, and take away the material moisture (water), returned to the heat exchanger (steam heating, electric heating) heating heating up again.  After so many cycles, the moisture in the hot air increases, and the ability to absorb moisture in the material decreases. At this time, the dehumidification valve needs to be opened to exclude part of the high humidity hot air and absorb part of the low temperature cold air, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous drying of the material.  
        technical specification

        Product name Hot air circulation oven  

        Device model JPAB-100  

        Main material food grade SUS304 high quality stainless steel (or according to customer requirements)  

        Processing capacity 0.3t/h to 1t/h (or customized according to customer requirements)  

        Dimensions 3250**1200*700 to 22500*2000*1800 (unit mm)  

        The equipment is suitable for hot air drying and dehydration of fruits and vegetables such as flake, cylinder and block  

        Applicable scope fruits, vegetables, medicinal materials, etc  

        Automatic constant temperature control, overtemperature alarm, working time timing, reservation, mechanized production, batch product quality is stable, bid farewell to the traditional manual night watch value and eat by the weather
        The drying plate is the uniform standard of the industry, the drying plate is suitable for many industries, the interchangeability is strong, the customer can choose according to the material
        The insulation layer is 80mm thick and made of white superfine glass wool, which conforms to GMP standard and has small heat loss
        The box is equipped with adjustable air plate, which can adjust the opening up and down, so that the upper and lower temperature in the box is even
        The built-in high temperature resistant circulating fan greatly reduces the heat loss and strengthens the heat transfer
        The whole box adopts fully closed structure, hot air circulation in the box, energy saving and high efficiency
        Finished product display
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        Chief engineer:13916945636 ? (Zhao Gong)
        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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