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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        Ultrafiltration is one of membrane separation technologies driven by pressure.  For the purpose of separation of large and small molecules, the membrane aperture is between 20 and 1000A°.  Hollow fiber ultrafilter (membrane) has the advantages of high filling density and small occupation area.  
        working principle
        Ultrafiltration is a pressurized membrane separation technology, that is, under a certain pressure, the small molecule solute and solvent through a certain aperture of the special film, and the large molecule solute can not pass through, stay at the side of the membrane, so that the large molecule material has been partially purified.  Ultrafiltration principle is also a membrane separation process principle, ultrafiltration uses a pressure active membrane, under the action of external driving force (pressure) to intercept colloids in water, particles and relatively high molecular weight substances, and water and small solute particles through the membrane separation process.  The particles with molecular weight of 3x10000 -- 1x10000 can be screened by micropores on the membrane surface.  When the treated water passes through the membrane surface at a certain flow rate with the help of external pressure, water molecules and solutes with molecular weight less than 300-500 pass through the membrane, while particles and macromolecules larger than the membrane pores are trapped due to screening, so that the water is purified.  That is to say, when the water through the ultrafiltration membrane, the water can contain most of the colloidal silicon removed, at the same time can remove a large number of organic matters.  
        technical specification

        Technical parameters  

        Product name Ultrafiltration membrane device  

        Device model JPCL-100  

        Main material polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)  

        Processing capacity from 1 ton/hour to 200 ton/hour (or customized according to customer requirements)  

        Dimensions 1250*1250*1500 to 6500*2600*1900 (mm)  

        The equipment is suitable for ultrafiltration of fruit juice and RO water  

        Scope of application juice, pure water, sewage treatment  

        Ultrafiltration method also has some limitations, it can not directly obtain dry powder preparation. For protein solutions, concentrations of 10 to 50% are generally obtained
        Ultrafiltration process only uses pressure as the power of membrane separation, so the separation device is simple, the process is short, the operation is simple, easy to control and maintenance
        Ultrafiltration technology has high separation efficiency and is very effective in recovering trace components in dilute solution and concentrating low concentration solution
        The filtration process does not change phase, no heating, low energy consumption, no need to add chemical reagents, no pollution, is an energy saving and environmental protection separation technology
        Filtration process is carried out at room temperature, the conditions are mild without component destruction, so it is especially suitable for the separation, classification, concentration and enrichment of heat-sensitive substances, such as drugs, enzymes, juice, etc
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