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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        Automatic control system has been widely used in all fields of society.  In industry, there are corresponding control systems for various physical quantities encountered in metallurgical, chemical, mechanical manufacturing and other production processes, including temperature, flow, pressure, thickness, tension, speed, position, frequency, phase and so on.  On this basis, a digital control system with better control performance and higher automation and a process control system with dual functions of control and management are established by using digital computer.  
        working principle
        Our factory provides fruit and vegetable processing production line design, production, installation, commissioning, after-sales all-round services, and professional factory automation production solutions, including PLC programming, touch screen programming, industrial computer programming and other related software services, including:  PLC control cabinet, servo motor control cabinet, pump control cabinet, variable frequency constant temperature control cabinet, variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, solenoid valve control cabinet, water treatment control equipment, low-voltage power distribution cabinet, monitoring system installation and debugging, workshop assembly line control equipment and other automation project system integration.  
        technical specification

        Device Name Control cabinet  

        Equipment model JP-KZ series  

        Main material food grade SUS304 high quality stainless steel (or according to customer requirements)  

        The processing capacity is customized according to the scale of customer production line  

        Dimensions and specifications are customized according to customer requirements  

        The equipment is used for integrated control of workshop automation  

        Scope of application For automatic control of equipment and production lines  

        Electrical control system designed to fully can meet the needs of field to control the equipment, the main design need to consider the implementation is simple, reliable, economic and applicable characteristics, to ensure that the control method and control needs to adapt, compatible with the degree of generalization, and fully meet the technological requirements, has good versatility and flexibility.
        Finished product display
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        Chief engineer:13916945636 ? (Zhao Gong)
        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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