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        Stand alone equipment
        Device description
        Diatomite filter: using diatomite as the main medium, using the fine and porous diatomite particles to remove suspended particles, colloid and other impurities in swimming pool water filtration device.  
        working principle
        In the diatomite filtration method, the diatomite itself has many natural pores, and the irregular pores in the filter layer are long and densely distributed in the whole filter cake layer, so that more fine particles can be absorbed and absorbed, so as to improve the quality of filtration.  Filtration is composed of two parts: sieving and adsorption.  During the operation, the diatomite is adsorbed on the filter cloth outside the filter plate by pre-coating and filter layer, forming an incompressible filter cake layer with numerous intersecting micro-pores.  During filtration, the large impurities in the filtrate are trapped on the outer surface of the cake layer because they cannot pass through the relatively small filter hole, which is called the screening process.  The fine particles enter the filter cake layer and are adsorbed and trapped in the curved and intricate channels, which is called the adsorption process.  Thus obtaining clarity through the feed liquid.  
        technical specification

        Technical parameters  

        Model size (mm) filtration area (㎡) valve mouth diameter theoretical flow (T/H) working pressure (Mpa) pump model (price additional)  

        Jpk500-a 2450×750×850 5.9 Dg32 13-15 ≤0.3 JP20-25  

        Jpk500-b 50×750×850 8.5 Dg32 8-10 ≤0.3 JP20-25  

        Jpk400-a 1055 × 100 ×800 9.8 Dg32 9-12 ≤0.3 JP20-25  

        JPK400- ⅰ 1840×680×800 5.1 Dg32 6-8 ≤0.3 JP10-25  

        JPK330- ⅱ 1700×600×750 3.4 Dg32 3-5 ≤0.3 JP5-25  

        Jpk330-ⅲ 1600×600×750 2.5 Dg32 2-4 ≤0.3 JP5-25  

        JPK250 1100×350×450 2.2 Dg32 1-3 ≤0.3 JP3-20  

        JPK220 950×300×420 1.1 Dg32 0.5-2 ≤0.3 JP3-20  

        High filtration accuracy, can reach 1-2 micron, can filter escherichia coli, algae, water turbidity after filtration is 0.5 ~ 1 degree Small occupation area, low equipment height, volume is only equivalent to sand filter 1/3, can save most of the machine room civil construction investment
        High filtration accuracy, can reach 1-2 micron, can filter escherichia coli, algae, water turbidity after filtration is 0.5 ~ 1 degree
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        Sales manager:13310056506 (Miss Jing)
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